leona vicario 05Leona Vicario is a Mexican town in the middle of the jungle, just 25 miles from Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

You wouldn’t imagine that 12000 people are living in this town, because it’s spreading all over the jungle. It is a Mexican town, but 80% of the people living there, are Mayan or Mayan descendents. People are coming out of the jungle so the children can go to school and learn Spanish, because


leona vicario markt 02the Mayan language is so different from every other language, they couldn’t communicate in their one country if they don’t learn Spanish. Leona Vicario is a real authentic Mexican town, since no other tourist group is going there and nothing is done ore build for tourists. Most of the people in this town are working with wood and are either carpenter or woodcraftsman, the rest is either getting the wood for the carpenter’s and wood craftsman from the jungle or they have a big garden where they grow corn, fruits and vegetables. In the center of Leona Vicario is a fruit and vegetable market that is worthwhile visiting.